Lait Ribot KERHEU


Fermented Milks existed for millennia with milk Ribot, a Breton specialty or the highly consumed in the Middle East kefir. Their various names: Iben, buttermilk…

Milk KERHEU Ribot, typically Breton deserves to be known. Fermented, fresh and creamy, it is drunk cold as tradition dictates or embellished syrup as the greediest love.

Gros lait

The “Fat” Milk

Fat Milk also called “Laz-Teo” in Breton, is a Breton specialty, which looks like a stronger flavour yogurt. This traditional fermented milk is still produced today in Breton farms.
It is made from fresh unpasteurized a particular breed of cattle the “Bretonne Black Pie “, which is the smallest breed of French cow milk. It is rich in natural and specific microbial flora in the region that will taste and unique texture that really differentiates a white cheese or yogurt.