Breton beers

Breton beers


Lagers, red and brown breton beers

The blonde Britt

Beer brewed from barley malt and aromatic hops, buckwheat gives Britt a soft blond feature.

Biere Britt Blonde

Red Britt

Beer brewed from barley malt peatyed giving the redhead Britt of smoky characteristics.

Bière Britt Rousse

The Bonnets Rouges (Red Caps)

Beer slightly fruity flavour provided by elderberries, the Red Hats is malty and decorated with a caramel note.

Bière Bonnets Rouges

The Blanche Hermine

Beer born of the balance of wheat and malted barley, the Blanche Hermine (White Ermine) is light, refreshing and low in alcohol.

Bière La Blanche Hermine

The Gwiniz Du

Black wheat in Breton. Its aroma gently roasted without acidity or bitterness gives the beer a smooth Gwiniz Du association.

Bière Gwiniz Du

The Telen Du

Black harp in Breton. Stout bio, very sweet and very light, the leaves Telen Du subtle bitterness in the mouth in a fine, soft foam.

Biere Telen Du