The cider

The cider



Cider Manor of KINKIZ

The KINKIZ is a cider farmer taste, made in Manor Kinkiz in Ergué-Ermel (29). The KINKIZ is a dry cider, character.

The personality of this Cider from Fouesnant is recognized by its bitterness, its roundness and its lingering flavors of fresh apple, fresh butter and hazelnut.

Cider KINKIZ from Fouesnant is heir to a genuine expertise and a long family tradition. It is made from apples from the orchards in Fouesnantais Country.

It respects the assembly of old varieties of apples, harvested by hand, on weedy orchards (total natural weed). Apples are sorted manually and pressurrage is fully ripe fruit from late September to December.

  • Silver Medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2008
  • Competition Fouesnant 2011: Silver medal and first prize for the Brut Cider
  • Gold Medal 2011 for the semi-dry Cider
Medailles or argent et  bronze Cidre KERNE

Gamme Brut Cidre KERNÉ

Verger de pommiers du KERNÉ


Known for its fruity taste, KERNÉ is a cider that comes from Pouldreuzic (29).

Its orange dress announces intense fruity aromas of fresh apples complemented with notes of dried fruits.

On the palate the Kerné made a spring and intense attack, detected by melting fine bubbles that express a fine bitterness and its freshness.

Concours Général Agricole in Paris

  • Award of Excellence: 2006-2005
  • Gold medal: 2014-2009-2002-1998-1994-1993-1992-1990
  • Silver Medal: 2008-2005-2003-2001-2000-1995-1991
  • Bronze Medal: 2013-2011-2010-2006-2004-1999-1987-1982

Terralies, Regional Competition Cidre de Bretagne, Saint-Brieuc:

  • Gold medal: 2011-1998-2013
  • Silver Medal: 2012-2010-2009-2008-2006-2005-2004
  • Bronze Medal: 2012-2010-2013